Radius Solutions

Radius Solutions

Console Radius is a cloud-based Bandwidth Management Software. Console Radius support Hotspot, PPPoE, VPN, Mikrotik (NAS) management, user management, real-time bandwidth monitoring, Plan Profile, load balancing, failover, etc…

Why we are best

Hotspot | PPPOE | VPN | Bandwidth Management | NAS Management | Billing & Accounting | Voucher | User Self Registration | User Portal

About us

Console Radius is a Cloud-Based Bandwidth Management Software with Voucher printing, so no worry about backup or server management to your side. Responsive web design makes your web page look good on all devices. Web pages can be viewed using many different devices like desktops, tablets or phones.

Cloud based

Console Radius is a Cloud-Based Bandwidth Management and ISP Billing Software. so no worry about backup or server management to your side.


We support Multiple Authentication- PPPoE Based, MAC Based, Hotspot Based, Static IP Based Authentication.


We provide all Mikrotik Management NAS Management Interface Management, IP Address Management, Firewall Management.

User Log

Internet service provider tracks what IP addresses your contact, which effectively means they know the web sites you’re visiting.

Easy Firewall

a firewall is a Network Security System that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.ISP can manage firewall or port forwarding very easily.

Client Portal

Client can check usage, real-time bandwidth monitor, show or print invoice and recharge plan from client portal with an attractive look. Customer can also recharge their plan own way.

Voucher Code

Voucher printing is also available. Voucher code is very useful in hotspot scenario where user only need voucher code to access internet and code can be made as per wish of the ISP.

Self Registration Portal

User self registration portal allows user to create a username and password as per their wish and login to the internet any point of time.

Franchise Management

Our multi-level Franchise Management enables operators to give a separate interface to their franchisees to run their business operation with ease, at the same time provides operator full control to monitor franchise with a single click.franchisees can also create New Client, Recharge Client.

Share your vision and any questions with us, and we will develop a Cloud Radius server for small ISP’s as per your need!

Contact us for Cloud Server/Solutions at +91 97480 58621.

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